A new survey from Egbert Taylor Group, the UK-based waste management solutions company which has recently entered the Czech market, shows that in a majority of Czech families all members lend a hand in recycling household waste.

The survey, which polled 500 respondents in the Czech Republic between September 12th and 17th 2017 about their recycling habits, found that in around 55% of Czech households every member of the family is responsible for recycling, compared with nearly 30% where just one household member was responsible for recycling.

“This is wonderful news, as it proves that the recycling message is getting through to children as well as adults,” says Tomas Strelsky, Egbert Taylor’s manager for
Central & Eastern Europe.

The broad involvement across age groups is reflected in the wide acceptance of recycling in the Czech Republic, which is a European leader when it comes to recycling household waste. The Egbert Taylor survey found that 72% of Czech families recycle their waste, the highest figure in Europe.

The survey also revealed the widespread belief in the value of recycling among Czech families. More than 80% of respondents in the survey believe that they are doing their bit to contribute to a bigger effort. This compares with just about 5% who believe it doesn’t do any good.