Speed up on-machine measurement with SupaTouch technology

You might think that minimising probing cycle time on a machine tool would be as simple as just increasing the feedrate; unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. Based on its years of metrology experience, Renishaw knows that to minimise probing cycle time whilst maintaining machined component accuracy, intelligent optimisation is needed.

SupaTouch – an optimisation routine within Renishaw’s industry standard Inspection Plus macro software – intelligently optimises on‑machine probing cycles, leading to a cycle time reduction of up to 60% on CNC machine tools.

During 2018 Renishaw will introduce a new version of Inspection Plus, with updated SupaTouch technology, at IMTS, USA; AMB, Germany and JIMTOF, Japan. New usability enhancements that have been added to the optimisation routine give users full control of probing cycle feedrates.

Optimise probing cycles automatically

SupaTouch technology intelligently determines the fastest feedrates a machine tool can achieve whilst ensuring repeatable measurement. Its smart in‑cycle decision‑making technology implements the quickest probing strategy (either one‑touch or two‑touch) for each measurement.

Smart decision‑making continues during component measurement. If a probe is triggered during machine acceleration or deceleration phases (which may happen due to variation in the positioning of the workpiece) the measurement result will be inaccurate. After detecting these inaccurate measurements, SupaTouch technology automatically commands the probe to remeasure the surface at a more appropriate speed to ensure accuracy is maintained and no machine alarms are raised.

Minimise cycle time and maximise productivity

SupaTouch technology eliminates the need for manual optimisation of on‑machine positioning feedrates, measurement feedrates and strategies. When compared with traditional software cycles, it provides a significant measurement time reduction of up to 60% on CNC machine tools.

The many proven benefits of Renishaw’s established Inspection Plus software are enhanced with SupaTouch technology. With this software, users can significantly improve cycle times and on-machine measurement results, maximising the productivity and profitability of their machine tools.