First quarter 2023 activity: Prologis in Europe and CE

Výsledky Prologis Q1/2023

Prologis Europe is pleased to share this recap of its first quarter 2023 activity. This summary includes operating performance highlights and insights into select milestones and achievements.

Ben Bannatyne, President, Prologis Europe:
“Demand for high quality, tailored and sustainable logistics space continues to be strong with an occupancy of 98.6% in the past quarter across the 12 European markets we operate in. Given the macroenvironment, we continue to operate our business with a degree of caution. Our very strong balance sheet continues to provide flexibility to capitalise as opportunities arise, strengthening our built-for-the-future approach to stay ahead of our customers’ needs.”

Operating Performance Europe – First Quarter 2023:

Operating Performance Central Europe, Czech Republic and Slovakia:

* includes operating, development, held for sale, other and VAA/VAC
** rent change is based on lease sign dates

Leasing Highlights

Capital Deployment – First Quarter 2023

The first quarter saw one new development start: a 32,874 square metre build-to-suit (BTS) in the UK.

Acquisitions: In the first quarter, Prologis Europe acquired 2,991 square metres of land in Poland and 20,902 square metres of land in Germany.

Dispositions: In the first quarter, while there have been no land dispositions, Prologis Europe has disposed of a 4,643-square-metre building in Germany.