CHEP implements Track & Trace technology on its reusable pallets in the Czech Republic

CHEP pallets tracker

CHEP, a global leader in supply chain solutions, has implemented a digital Track & Trace system that monitors the movements and location of its pallets within the pallet pooling system, developed in partnership with BXB Digital, a partner company in the Brambles group. The solution, based on Internet of Things principles, seeks to increase transparency, control, and overall supply chain efficiency. Its implementation underlines the strength of CHEP’s business model based on circular economy principles.

After successful pilot testing in European markets, tracking devices have been implemented into CHEP’s reusable pallets across the Czech Republic. They will help protect CHEP’s circular business model, which minimizes losses of pallets in transport and logistics operations. Built-in sensors collect information on the location and condition of the pallets as they move through the supply chain.

“This Track & Trace system provides not only greater insight into the use of our platforms, enhancing the security of the pooling system, but also excellent opportunities to identify synergies within the supply chain and eliminate operational inefficiencies. This is highly beneficial for us, as the pooling provider, but also for our customers and other business partners,” explains Frederic Rotrou, Country Lead for CHEP in the Czech Republic.

Aggregated supply chain statistics make it easier to identify and manage flows of goods in a targeted and timely manner. Interruptions in the supply chain can also be responded to more quickly. Increased transparency ensures full-chain mapping and traceability of all goods, and another positive effect is that pallets no longer disappear from the pooling system.

“As a result of recent market turbulence and rocketing prices of raw materials, companies are feeling the pressure on their productivity and pricing. Concern about the availability of pallets due to the recent trend of global inventory-building has become a serious topic. Combining physical platforms with digital solutions will allow us to see exactly where a platform or product is located, providing valuable insights helping us proactively prevent future losses, damages and costs,” adds Frederic Rotrou.

Devices incorporated into CHEP pallets are certified in accordance with CE/EC requirements (complying with European safety standards and other applicable regulations). The data collected can be used by CHEP to provide better customer support, track shipments of CHEP pallets and containers, and obtain aggregate statistical information about the supply chain bringing added value to customers.