PUMA Store Re-Opening

In the autumn of 2013, Best was tasked with the reopening of the bespoke PUMA Store in Prague’s Old Town. Also, due to internal changes, it was essential to maximise the event’s publicity to build strong relationships with the media and highlight clear contacts for media enquiries and cooperation.

However, in order to ensure that this was no standard press briefing, the Best team coordinated a dynamic audio and video presentation from Gabriela Hrubá, PUMA’s Czech Marketing Manager. This was followed by the exclusive announcement of PUMA’s sponsorship of Czech football player, Václav Kadlec. Following the presentation, the media had a chance to conduct interviews with PUMA representatives and Václav Kadlec, while others explored the store.

The event was attended by 20 top lifestyle and sports journalists from a range of media types – from popular fashion bloggers to the Aha! sports desk. All of the journalists stayed beyond the presentation, with some exploring the products and chatting to PUMA representatives. The PUMA and Best Communications teams were pleased with the atmosphere and interest from the media, which resulted in extensive and in-depth coverage about the PUMA store and the brand’s sponsorship of Václav Kadlec. Following the event, the Best team issued a press release to reach a wider media list, and all in all the event achieved more than 60 pieces of coverage.

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