About us

Best Communications is a public relations and public affairs consultancy based in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, providing media relations, marketing communications and stakeholder engagement services to companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The firm is the only C&EE member of the Public Relations Consultants Association, Europe’s leading professional body in the public relations and public affairs industry. Best sets out to bring the latest international communications techniques and the highest standards of international practice to the service of clients in Central and Eastern Europe

Best Communications was founded in 1995 by Euan Edworthy, a Scotsman who trained at large, international consultancies in London and Hong Kong. It is today one of the region’s most successful public relations and public affairs agencies with more than 20 staff at its Prague office and long-term associates in every major city in Central and Eastern Europe

Best’s consultants are a blend of Czechs, Slovaks, Americans, and UK nationals who are all multi-lingual. Their work is focused on C&EE but also extends to the management of campaigns and events in the major markets of Western Europe. The consultancy employs specialists in media relations, public affairs, and event management, while also providing expertise in design, advertising, online and social media, internal communication, market research, and crisis management

Best Communications advises and represents both international companies seeking to develop their presence in C&EE markets and Czech or Slovak companies aiming to grow their business and enhance their profile in C&EE and elsewhere

Best Communications is the exclusive partner of SEC Newgate in the Czech and Slovak Republics.